Personal Expectations

I have some pretty high expectations for myself. I may even be somewhat of a perfectionist, when it comes to certain things. This doesn’t always work in my favor… especially where spirituality is concerned.

There is no true way to be a perfectionist. There’s no real standard of “doing it right”. There are reconstructions (if that is what interests you), and there are accepted ways of doing things, but if you’re a solitary practitioner? You have to find what works for you, and avoid focusing on what is “most correct”. People are going to post their own methods and practices on social media, and you’ve no doubt read over one or two and had a moment of pause because it resembles NOTHING that you do. Or it just wouldn’t work for you. Then comes the tale spin “so and so a popular blogger says I should be doing it this way, but….”

The other detraction that you may face is your own personal expectations based on past experiences. For example, I have had moments of extreme clarity where divination is concerned. I described a friend’s house, down the the color of the paint in her kitchen, looking at my runes. So it can be a slap in the face when I’m informed by a client that my reading is off. What do you mean? I’ve done this amazing thing before! And there goes all confidence I might have had in myself…

It takes time to learn to set that kind of thing aside, and to reflect on the fact that everything is a learning experience. Divination, magic, religion… none of it is an exact science. It is an art, and art takes practice, work, and dedication more than anything.

So, be easy on yourself. Be true to yourself. If things aren’t going the way you expected, step back for a moment and breathe before you start to be critical of yourself.


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