With Gratitude

I want to take a moment and praise friends, present and previous. I would not be where I am, or doing what I am, if it weren’t for friendships I have and have had.

I came to be a Heathen because of a friend of mine. I was a rather eclectic pagan, with a truly disastrous practice. She started to ask me some questions about being pagan, setting up an altar, those kinds of things because she had an interest in the Norse gods and did not know where to start in her own practice. I answered some questions, then ended up being drawn further and further in. She isn’t in my life anymore, but I am grateful for her having brought me to this place. I’m grateful for her showing me a road with her own curiosity that I didn’t think I wanted to travel. I’m grateful for her dedication to academia. I am happy to know that she has continued on and found her own way. Sometimes you find that people don’t need your meddling… as well intended as it may have been, or you may have believed it was supposed to be. I would not have come to Loki were it not for her.

I am grateful to a friend that I made when I got to Tumblr, for the guidance he always provided and the sources he made readily available for study. He opened doors and acted as such a still point within a rather frothing sea that I cannot help but count myself fortunate for knowing him.

I am grateful for other friends that I made, those who were academic in nature and those who were less so. You’ve all represented aspects of faith, practice and magic that give a wider picture of the world than any one person could ever hope to.

Even if you don’t find yourself in the midst of community, there can be people present in your life who bring with them important moments and lessons.


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